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Adam Urbanski
The Millionaire
Marketing Mentor


"If you're an entrepreneur, service professional
or small business owner, I encourage you to find
out why information marketing is absolutely your
fastest, easiest and most economical way to
attract more clients and put your business on a
fast track to making millions while you sleep!"


Discover How to Add Low-Cost, High-Profit Info
Product Marketing to Your Existing  Business and
Make Extra Profits Without Working Long Hours

       Here is exactly what you'll learn:

  • How to turn an idea, book, or a single presentation into a million-dollar business using tested and proven information marketing blueprint

  • Easy to duplicate information marketing strategies to attract more high quality web traffic and turn it into clients, prestige and profits

  • Step by step action plan to find a profitable market that's ideal for you

  • Exactly how to research your ideas to create best-selling products each and every time - before you spend a dime on marketing or waste time putting together the wrong products!

  • Specific super-fast content creation shortcuts to churn out juicy content with lightening speed

  • Fast-start insider's secrets to taming information and technology overwhelm with getting just the right help without breaking the bank!

  • Exact action steps to get started... and much, much more!




From: Adam Urbanski, the Millionaire Marketing Mentor
Date: Monday, 11:35am

Subject: How to Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

11 years ago I discovered something very cool...

How to Sell Anything to Anyone

I'm not big on sales, so the idea of being able to sell anything to anyone without having to do it in person appealed to me. The timing was right too. I just sold a successful chain of fast-food restaurants and was up to my eyeballs building my next venture - a coaching and consulting business.

In fact, if you're anything like me, you'll probably relate to a lot of what I was going through... I didn't want to have employees, and working out of my home office looked very appealing. Total control of life and finances, working a few hours each day, and spending more time doing what I love - that was my plan.

Sounds familiar? But that's not what happened...

Why Traditional Business Models Don't Work

If you've been banging your head against the wall trying to grow your business but can't seem to catch a break I know you'll relate to this. You see, once I started thinking about it, I realized this: 

  • My business consumed a lot more of my time than I expected. Between working with clients and managing and marketing my business, my work never seemed to end.

  • My income was limited by the amount of time I could devote to working with clients. We all have only 24 hours. And no one can spend all their time working with clients.

    Whether I sold my time hour-by-hour, or worked with clients on project basis, I began to realize there is only so much I can make unless I find a way to duplicate myself and build a scalable business...

  • Finally, I hated that each time I took vacation my income stopped! I was enslaved to my business. While I loved my work, I hated the fact my lifestyle depended on me doing it every day. 

Fortunately, I found a better way to turn my business around. Today it's not unusual to for me to generate $20,000, $30,000, and more with just one email. And I'm confident I can help you do the same using my information marketing fast track.

You Can Work Once and Get Paid Over and Over

And you'll gain prestige and recognition, differentiate yourself from competitors, make ideal prospects come to you, and even make money while you're asleep. If this sounds a bit too far fetched for you right now, I know how you feel. I too used to be very skeptical and didn't believe this is possible.

But it's true. For me... for many of my clients... it can be true for you too.

Achieve Expert Status and High Profits


Getting started with creating and selling your own info-products is relatively easy. And once you know what you're doing the results of your work can be very fast.

You DON'T need to be a writer. You don't need to be a recognized expert. And Ill show you how to get going with little more than a pocket change and start making money in as little as a day or two.


You gain tremendous leverage and instant credibility. You invest a small amount of time upfront and make money over and over again.

You don't need employees, can work from your home office, and your income isn't limited by working with individual clients.


Info-products are outrageously profitable. For example, the total cost to print, package and mail my first home-study course was only $8.46.
I sold it for $97 and made $88.54 profit from each sale.

And many people who purchased it were interested in hiring me as their consultant or coach, so my business grew even faster!


Information marketing opens up multiple streams of passive and leveraged revenue. Today, using the Internet, you can deliver e-books, special reports, e-courses, even audio and video completely automatically with zero printing or materials cost!

And because many clients will buy from you again and again the potential for profit is truly unlimited.

Discover a Step-by-Step Fast Track Plan
to Information Marketing Success

Here are some of the topics you'll discover...

Module 1

Step-by-Step Fast Track Formula to Turn Your Business Into a Million Dollar Info-Marketing Success

Click to see what you'll discover in this session


Module 2

How to Find and Select a Profitable Target Market and Create Info-Products that Sell Like Hot Cakes

Click to see what you'll discover in this session


Module 3

How to Leverage Your Information Business for Maximum Profits with Minimum Effort

Click to see what you'll discover in this session


Module 4

How to Tame the Information and Technology Overwhelm, Expedite Implementation, and Start Making Info-Profits Right Away

Click to see what you'll discover in this session

There Are 3 Reasons Why You Get
All This Education for Just $39.77

1. I hate teasing and I love teaching. If you're like me, you are probably sick and tired of sales presentations disguised as tele-training. None of this crap will fly here! So charging $39.77 allows me to share with you a ton of great, actionable content you can use and profit from in your business.

2. The $39.77 price tag puts this training within reach of everyone who wants to learn how to start or improve their info-marketing business. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning professionals and entrepreneurs.

3. It keeps tire-kickers away. Anyone who's not serious enough about building a long term business to invest $39.77 into this training isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out anyway.

599 People Registered in First 7-Days - Here is Proof


Let's Recap What You Are Getting Today

Instant Access to 4 Training Modules

Discover my fast-track model to create a million dollar info- marketing business. Find out timely and proven strategies you can use right away to start creating and selling your own information products. You get immediate access to professionally recorded and edited downloadable MP3 podcasts. $197 value!

Notes and Case Studies!

Learn faster and keep your notes organized with this follow along guide. And quickly move from ideas into action by following real-life case studies. $97 value!

I have given a lot of thought to this course; it could likely be one of the most content-rich, easy-to-follow information marketing fast track programs you'll ever find! Fact is, you're getting a course that could easily sell for $97, $197, and maybe even $297 - but right now you're getting it all for just $39.77!

Plus, as with all my products, you get my 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - no question asked.

Stop the Overwhelm and Take Action

Don't be like most people - wait too long too get started. This information will leave you relieved that you know exactly what steps to take and how to build your own profitable information marketing business in the coming months.

My clients pay $15,000 and more to learn this from me. But you don't need to pay me that kind of money to get started. What you need a simple blueprint
you can use yourself. And that's exactly what you're getting---and much more
for just $49.

That's a measly pocket change compared to the additional income you'll generate when start selling your own information products. And the best
part is you can start right now - even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning.

Click Here to Get Instant Access to Info Profit Fast Track Secrets Right Now

Purchase Via Secure Online Server, Fax, or Phone

I also understand that I'm protected by your 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, so I have nothing to lose.


I really want you to build a successful and financially rewarding information marketing business. And my fast track program will guide you step-by-step in getting started quickly. Don't let another week, month, or a year slip by with just ideas, when you can have all the income, prestige, and freedom you know you want and deserve. Take action now.

Dedicated to your success and profitability,

Adam Urbanski

P.S. Just one final thought: many people want to make more money, but few are willing to do what it takes. Put your dreams into action. In just a few days from now you could easily be selling your first info-product making money with each sale. Just think what difference will it make in your life?

P.P.S. If you think this is too much to pay for this information consider some alternatives. You could easily blow more money on a movie and popcorn for two! And you'll waste more trying to learn by trial and error!

P.P.P.S. Look, because I take all the risk with my unconditional money-back guarantee you actually have more to lose if you don't get my fast track training! Get this information now. I know you'll be glad you did. Click to Start Now

Who is this Marketing Mentor guy?

My name is Adam Urbanski. I'm a Marketing Mentor to business owners, service professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to discover how to transform their businesses from time-sucking, hard-work-filled models, into automated money-making machines that generate all the prestige, freedom, and recognition you want and deserve.

Originally from Poland I came to the U.S. in 1989. Starting with only $194 in my pocket, no connections, and a very limited ability to speak English I created a multimillion dollar empire in the restaurant industry in just 10 years.

Over the past 17 years I owned multiple successful businesses - some of them generated millions of dollars in annual revenues. And in the last six years I taught my marketing strategies to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals helping them generate more sales and profits while working less and having more fun.



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